It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Military Police Complaints Commission Internet site.

The Military Police Complaints Commission is a federal independent, quasi-judicial body, established by the Parliament of Canada. The Complaints Commission was created to render the handling of complaints concerning the Military Police more transparent and accessible, and to ensure that both complainants and members of the Military Police are dealt with fairly and impartially.

Our mandate allows us to contribute to the maintenance of high standards with respect to the conduct of Military Police members in the performance of their policing duties and functions, and to ensure the integrity of Military Police investigations.

The Military Police Complaints Commission carries out its mandate and responsibilities in an ethical and professional manner, reflective of its belief in impartiality, integrity, objectivity, and respect for rights of individuals.

Our Internet site provides a full range of information on the types of complaints the Complaints Commission deals with, on how to lodge a complaint, and explains the complaints process in details. You will find a description of the cases we dealt with over the last few years, under the heading Case Summaries.

Your visit is important to us. Our objective is to inform the Internet user on the work of the Complaints Commission and on its mandate, mission and values. Forward your comments or suggestions to: commission@mpcc-cppm.gc.ca.

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