Conduct Case MPCC‑2005‑050 Summary

Facts and Complaint

A complaint was lodged concerning the conduct of the subject member regarding his actions taken to convince other individuals that they should not donate money to assist the complainant to hire a lawyer.

Decision of the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal

After conducting some preliminary research, the Deputy Provost Marshal Professional Standards found that, given all the circumstances, it would not be useful or would be extremely difficult to continue with the investigation of the complaint.

Findings and Recommendations of the Complaints Commission

The complainant then communicated with the Complaints Commission and asked that a review of his file be conducted. The complainant also submitted new allegations concerning the same incident and these new allegations implicated the original subject member, as well as other military police members. Given that the request for review was received at the same time as the new complaints, and that the handling of both files would involve interviews with the same people, the Complaints Commission recommended that all allegations should be handled by the Deputy Provost Marshal Professional Standards at the same time, to avoid both offices conducting simultaneous investigations into the same incident.

The DPM PS agreed with the Commission’s recommendation and indicated that their office would investigate all of the allegations in the first instance and the parties would be notified of the results.

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