Conduct Case MPCC‑2007‑029 Summary

The MP complainant alleged that there was collusion amongst various members of his MP unit to get as many members as possible to complain about various incidents that had taken place over the past seven years, with the intent of causing him harm. The subject MPs were alleged to have either conducted investigations themselves or had investigations launched to get revenge or to serve their personal interests. There were three investigations underway, including two harassment investigations and one relating to his handling of the procurement of equipment and assault. He further alleged that the subjects breached the rules of the MP Professional Code of Conduct, breached or failed to comply with the professional standards, and failed to comply with the Harassment Prevention and Resolution Guidelines.

After reviewing the material and information provided by the complainant, the Commission determined that the investigations at issue were internal unit matters of an administrative nature, rather than law enforcement investigations. As such, the Commission found that the complaint did not relate to “policing duties and functions” within the meaning of the applicable provisions in Part IV of the National Defence Act governing the Military Police complaint procedure.

Consequently, the Commission agrees with the analysis of the Deputy Provost Marshal, Professional Standards in his letter of September 6, 2007, and has accordingly decided not to proceed with a more thorough investigation in relation to this complaint.

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