Conduct Case MPCC‑2007‑035 Summary

The complainant alleges that a petty officer 2nd class, then serving with the military police detachment at the military base where the complainant worked, had engaged in an unprofessional behaviour by pursuing an intimate personal relationship with the complainant’s spouse, including during periods when the petty officer 2nd class was on duty. In November of 2007, the Deputy Provost Marshal Professional Standards (DPM PS) notified the complainant of his conclusion that the complaint was not substantiated.

Due to the nature of the allegations, it was essential for the Military Police Complaints Commission (the Commission) to conduct interviews with both the complainant’s spouse and the subject member of the complaint. However the Commission was unable to arrange an interview with the complainant’s spouse, despite numerous attempts by MPCC investigators. Therefore the Commission was unable to complete the necessary investigative steps which might have allowed more light to be shed on this matter.

The Commission therefore determined it would be neither fruitful nor fair to proceed with the investigation of these allegations.

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