Conduct Case MPCC‑2011‑037 Summary

This complaint arose from a call for service from management personnel in a directorate of the Department of National Defence (DND) located in a DND-controlled building. The caller conveyed a request for MP members to be dispatched to the offices of the DND directorate so that they could be available to provide any necessary assistance in connection with the suspension of an employee of the directorate. Based on the employee’s behavioural history, management had concerns that there might be a risk of a violent reaction on the part of the employee.

As it turned out, the employee left the workplace without incident. However, the employee was unhappy the MPs had even become involved in the event, and that their involvement in his escort from his place of work caused him unnecessary humiliation. On this basis, the employee filed an MP conduct complaint.

As a result of its complaint review investigation, the Commission determined that the involvement and conduct of the MPs in this matter was appropriate. It was determined the MPs never interacted with the complainant and, in fact, only observed, rather than effected, the complainant’s escort from his workplace. As the MPs were called upon to perform primarily a security function, rather than a law enforcement one, they were not required to satisfy any particular legal grounds to support their actions. Moreover, their conduct at the scene was discreet and unobtrusive. As such, the complainant’s allegations were found to be unsubstantiated.

The Commission recommended the MP detachment in question proceed with plans to install a recording system for the telephones in the detachment’s dispatch centre.

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