Conduct Case MPCC‑2012‑046‑1 Summary

The complainant alleges that the military police (MP) had the responsibility to inform him of an apparent suicide attempt by his ex-spouse, who had custody of their daughter. He also alleges that the MPs hid certain information concerning his ex-spouse which prevented the complainant from defending his parental rights. The complainant believed that the MP detachment had the responsibility to help the provincial Family Services agency. Furthermore in an email dated June 23, 2013, he suggested the MP detachment’s alleged omissions were due to a mistaken belief the complainant was subject to a restraining order vis-à-vis his ex-spouse.

On January 21, 2013, the Deputy Commander, as the CFPM’s delegate for MP Professional Standards (PS) and complaints, issued his decision wherein he advised the complainant that they had reviewed the file and no investigation would be conducted due to the fact that the allegations were unsubstantiated.

The complainant requested a review of this decision on January 26, 2013. In his request for review, the complainant noted that Family Services had told him the MPs were not able to find him and he believed the MPs had supplied the incorrect contact number for him.

The Commission’s review of all documentation related to this complaint supports the PS conclusion that the MPs were not engaged by Family Services for assistance in contacting the complainant, as stated in the letter from the Deputy Commander.

As there is no evidence the MPs were contacted for the purpose of contacting the complainant, nor any evidence of wrong information being provided to Family Services, the Commission concluded there was no basis on which to investigate whether the MPs impeded Family Services from contacting the complainant, or if the MPs should have notified the complainant about the incident. For the same reason, there is also no basis to pursue the complainant’s further suggestion of June 23, 2013 that the MP detachment may have been under the mistaken impression there was a restraining order against the complainant.

After having reviewed the relevant MP files and all the documentation provided by the complainant and the Deputy Commander, the Commission was satisfied with the decision by the Deputy Commander that no PS investigation be opened in this matter.

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