Conduct Case MPCC‑2013‑007 Summary

This complaint arose from events that occurred on August 24 and 25, 2012. The complainant is a former member of the CF who was released from the military in 2012.

On August 21, 2012, the complainant contacted the Military Police Unit (MPU) to file a formal complaint. Her complaint was that she was sexually assaulted by two high ranking officers in 2009 while she was a CF member. Her allegations and the related investigation are the subject of another complaint (2013-006) to the Military Police Complaints Commission (the Commission). On August 24, 2012, the complainant attended at the MPU to provide a written statement further to the complaint against the two officers. The subject Military Police (MP) member of this file took her statement and provided the complainant with a copy.

On August 25, 2012, the complainant informed the subject MP member that her copy of the statement was missing two pages. The complainant was advised that she could attend the MPU if she wished to provide a new statement. The complainant therefore attended and wrote two more pages to add to her previous statement.

The complainant alleged that the two pages were removed from her original statement on August 24, 2012 which amounted to tampering with evidence by the subject MP member.

Following its review and investigation of the complaint, the Commission concluded the allegation was not substantiated. The Commission investigation found no evidence to support the allegation that the subject MP member tampered with evidence by removing pages from the complainant’s original written statement. The Commission also found the subject MP’s memory to be more reliable than the complainant’s memory for this time period.

The Commission did not make any recommendations in this matter.

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