Conduct Case MPCC‑2015‑017 Summary

This complaint concerns a traffic stop at a Canadian Forces base by a Military Police (MP) member. The reason given for the stop was a loud muffler. The driver was allowed to proceed with a warning. However, the same driver had been stopped and charged by another MP member from the same base with certain traffic offences exactly two weeks before this latest stop regarding the muffler noise.  Following this traffic stop, the complainant submitted separate conduct complaints regarding both traffic stop incidents. The complaint regarding the first incident is dealt with in a separate report. With regard to this second stop, the complainant alleged that the stop was unjustified and was the result of the complainant being unfairly targeted by the MP due to his dealing with the other MP member during the stop two weeks before.

Following its review and further investigation, the Military Police Complaints Commission (MPCC) concluded that this complaint was not substantiated. While the MP member who stopped the complainant for the loud muffler was aware of the previous traffic stop involving his colleague, there was simply no evidence in either the circumstances, the number or the pattern of MP traffic stops involving the complainant, to permit the conclusion that the complainant was stopped for no valid reason or was being unfairly targeted by the MP.

In response to the MPCC’s Report, the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal accepted the MPCC’s finding.

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