Conduct Case MPCC 2020‑038 Summary

The complaint concerned the conduct of a sexual assault investigation. The complainant told the Military Police Complaints Commission (MPCC) that she had been sexually assaulted on three occasions by senior military officers during an all-ranks social event at a Canadian Forces base. The complainant believed that the criminal investigation into these events was inadequate, in particular because the military police investigators:

The MPCC concluded that some of the complainant’s allegations were substantiated. In particular, the MPCC found that the lead investigator had not sufficiently investigated the allegation that the complainant had been drugged without her knowledge, had improperly assessed the credibility of witnesses, and had failed to consider matters relevant to his investigation.

The MPCC made four recommendations to the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal (CFPM):

The CFPM accepted the first recommendation mentioned above and partially accepted recommendations 2 and 3. The fourth recommendation was not accepted by the CFPM.

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