Conduct Case MPCC‑2021‑002 Summary

The complainant alleged that members of the Military Police did not properly respond to allegations that she was physically assaulted and harassed while attending a training course. These concerns were reported to the local Military Police Detachment which determined that they could not investigate the allegations with the available information.

The complainant alleged that the Military Police members refused to record her allegations; were rude to her during a welfare check; and harassed her by impersonating the Chain of Command when contacting the Medical Inspection Room. The Military Police Complaints Commission (MPCC) determined the allegations to be not substantiated.

The Office of Professional Standards of the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal (CFPM), which is responsible for dealing with conduct complaints in the first instance, determined that all three allegations were unsubstantiated. The complainant referred the complaint to the MPCC for review.

The MPCC reviewed the evidence and found that the Military Police had recorded the complaint albeit initially in the wrong report format. The MPCC concluded that the Military Police member’s use of the wrong report format was an administrative error and not professional misconduct. It also found that the question to the complainant during a welfare check was necessary and reasonable, in light of the duty to protect life in assisting a person in distress. Finally, the MPCC found that the Military Police member identified himself and did not impersonate the complainant’s Chain of Command.

The Military Police member acted reasonably and in accordance with applicable Canadian Forces Administration Orders and Military Police Orders regarding dealing with an individual suffering from mental health concerns.

In response to the MPCC’s report, the CFPM accepted all three of the Commission’s findings which were unsubstantiated.

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