Conduct Case MPCC‑2023‑005 Summary

The complainant, a former member in the Canadian Armed Forces, filed complaints with the Military Police Complaints Commission (MPCC) on two occasions in 2023: January 17 and June 11.

The complaints alleged that the subject military police (MP) member did not adequately investigate an alleged assault by another member; failed to maintain communication with the complainant as per policy; and neglected to address a safety concern involving a captain.

Upon review, the MPCC determined that the MP investigation into the assault allegation was reasonable. Further, the MPCC did not find evidence supporting the claim of failure to address the safety concern.

The MPCC did find that the evidence supported a failure to maintain communication with the complainant between November and December 2022 as required by policy. However, the MPCC determined that a recommendation was not needed on this point since this brief period was an aberration as the subject MP member otherwise consistently updated the complainant and maintained thorough records. Nonetheless, measures should be taken to ensure that updates are provided to complainants even when the MP member handling the file is absent.

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