Interference Case MPCC‑2004‑017 Summary

The complainant had issued a ticket to a member of foreign military force during the conduct of training exercises at a base in Canada. The member of the visiting forces was not formally attached to a CF unit but simply part of a visiting unit present in Canada. At one point during the course the complainant was approached by a military police member from the visiting unit and told that the ticket that the complainant had issued would have to be cancelled. The complainant also alleged that the visiting MP threatened him with court action and invoked the Visiting Forces Act.

After verifying certain details, it was determined that the complaint could not proceed, because, as the member in question was part of a visiting force, he was not a “military police” member as defined in section 250 of the National Defence Act (NDA), and as such, could not be the subject of an interference complaint per NDA section 250.19.

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