Interference Case MPCC‑2017‑043 Summary

The complainant Military Police member, alleged that a supervisor had interfered with one of his criminal investigations by deleting crime scene photographs from a camera’s memory card.

The MPCC conducted a detailed review of all relevant Military Police file materials received from the CFPM to assess whether to conduct additional investigative steps. The MPCC confirmed one subject of the interference complaint – the supervisor who was alleged to have deleted the crime scene photographs – and determined that further investigation was necessary, including interviews of the complainant, the subject, and one witness.

The MPCC found that the evidence gathered was insufficient to conclude who had deleted the crime scene photographs or when this had been done. The allegation that the complainant’s supervisor had interfered in his criminal investigation was therefore unsubstantiated. However, the MPCC’s investigation revealed deficiencies in how photographic evidence was being stored as well as in the coaching provided to the complainant. As a result, the MPCC recommended closer monitoring of all officers’ adherence to the evidence procedures outlined in the MP Orders regarding the chain of custody for photographic evidence. Further, the MPCC made a recommendation enhancing the coaching provided by senior MPs to junior MPs.

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