Interference Complaints

The Commission has the exclusive authority to deal with interference complaints. Any member of the Military Police (MP) who conducts or supervises an investigation and believes a member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) or a senior official of the Department of National Defence (DND) has interfered with or attempted to influence a MP investigation, may file a complaint with the Commission. This process recognizes the special situation of the MP members, who are both peace officers and members of the CAF subject to military command.

Interference Complaints Process

Interference Complaint Filed

Members of the MP who conduct or supervise investigations may complain about interference in their investigations.

Commission Investigates

A preliminary review is conducted to determine whether an investigation should be commenced, the scope of the investigation and how to approach the investigation. Once this is completed the Commission commences an investigation.

Commission Releases Interim Report

The Interim Report includes a summary of the Commission’s investigation, as well as its findings and recommendations. This report goes to the Minister of National Defence (MND), the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) if the alleged interference was carried out by a member of the military or to the deputy minister (DM) if the subject of the complaint is a senior official of the DND, the Judge Advocate General (JAG) and the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal (CFPM).

Notice of Action

This official response to the Interim Report indicates the actions, if any, which have been or will be taken to implement the Commission’s recommendations.

The Commission Releases Final Report

Taking into account the response in the Notice of Action, the Commission prepares a Final Report of its findings and recommendations on the case. The Final Report is provided to the MND, the DM, the CDS, the JAG, the CFPM, the complainant and the subject(s) of the complaint, as well as anyone who has satisfied the Commission that they have a direct and substantive interest in the case.

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