Complaints About the Conduct of Members of the Military Police Regulations

Table of Contents


1. In these Regulations, “Act” means the National Defence Act.

Policing Duties And Functions

2. (1) For the purpose of subsection 250.18(1) of the Act, any of the following, if performed by a member of the military police, are policing duties or functions:

  1. the conduct of an investigation;
  2. the rendering of assistance to the public;
  3. the execution of a warrant or another judicial process;
  4. the handling of evidence;
  5. the laying of a charge;
  6. attendance at a judicial proceeding;
  7. the enforcement of laws;
  8. responding to a complaint; and
  9. the arrest or custody of a person.

(2) For greater certainty, a duty or function performed by a member of the military police that relates to administration, training, or military operations that result from established military custom or practice, is not a policing duty or function.

When No Informal Resolution

3. Subsection 250.27(1) of the Act does not apply to a conduct complaint of any of the following types:

  1. excessive use of force;
  2. corruption;
  3. the commission of a service or civil offence;
  4. policies of the Canadian Forces Military Police;
  5. the arrest of a person;
  6. perjury;
  7. abuse of authority; or
  8. conduct that results in injury.

Coming into Force

4. These Regulations came into force on December 1, 1999.

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