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Military Police Complaints Commission makes 15 recommendations in a Public Interest Investigation into incidents at the Royal Military College of Canada

Ottawa May 31, 2022 – In its Final Report into a Public Interest Investigation (PII) publicly released today, the Military Police Complaints Commission (MPCC) has called on the head of the Military Police to apologize to a female Officer Cadet and to the family of a male Officer Cadet for failures in its investigations into incidents involving criminal harassment and mental health issues which occurred at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC).

The PII was related to interactions between two Officer Cadets. In March 2019, a female Officer Cadet at RMC alleged that a male counterpart was harassing her.  She told a member of the Military Police (MP) at the Kingston, Ontario, MP detachment that the male Officer Cadet had an obvious mental illness and that she feared for her safety.

Two months later, the male Officer Cadet alleged that he had given money to the female Officer Cadet, expecting a romantic relationship would develop, but that this had not happened. The MP member who interviewed him told him that he would “probably” face criminal charges for soliciting a sexual service. The male Officer Cadet subsequently attempted suicide. Following a second suicide attempt, he was put on life support.  While he has been discharged, he remains medically compromised.

The Military Police did not lay any charges in connection with the incidents.

The case raised issues of such seriousness about the conduct of some Military Police members that the MPCC self-initiated a complaint for the first time in its history.

In initiating the complaint, the MPCC identified five issues of widespread public concern to guide its investigation. The MPCC’s Final Report identified serious deficiencies related to each of the five areas, and found that:

In its Final Report, the MPCC made 15 recommendations that address a wide range of issues identified in its investigation, including the need:

The MPCC also recommended that the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal (head of the Military Police) apologize on behalf of the Military Police to the female Officer Cadet and the family of the male Officer Cadet for the failures in the investigations related to the incidents that occurred between the two cadets.

The MPCC is pleased that the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal accepted all the MPCC’s findings and recommendations including the partially accepted recommendation. The MPCC is also satisfied with the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal’s responses and actions taken to implement the MPCC’s recommendations, most notably the issuance of the apology letters to the female and male Officer Cadets.

The Commission’s Final Report into the Public Interest Investigation is available on the MPCC website.

For information, please contact:

Michael Tansey
Communications Advisor
Military Police Complaints Commission of Canada
Cell: 613‑851‑4587
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Royal Military College of Canada Public Interest Investigation Timeline
Date Event
March 22, 2022 Final report issued following a public interest investigation (available in PDF format only, 1.72 MB)
September 29, 2021 Interim Report issued
July 21, 2021 Interviews concluded
January 21, 2021 Additional subject named by MPCC and notice sent out
December 18, 2020 Notification to subjects
November 30, 2020 Witness interviews commenced
October 20, 2020 Decision to Conduct a Public Interest Investigation
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