Mission Statement

The Military Police Complaints Commission (the MPCC or the Commission) was established by the Parliament of Canada to provide independent civilian oversight of the Canadian Forces military police, effective December 1, 1999. This was executed by an amendment to the National Defence Act (NDA), Part IV of which sets out the full mandate of the Commission and how complaints are to be handled. As stated in Issue Paper No. 8, which accompanied the Bill that created the Commission, its role is “to provide for greater public accountability by the military police and the chain of command in relation to military police investigations.


The Commission reviews and investigates complaints concerning military police conduct and investigates allegations of interference in military police investigations. It reports its findings and makes recommendations directly to the military police and national defence leadership.


To promote and ensure the highest standards of conduct of Military Police in the performance of policing duties and to discourage interference in any military police investigation.

The Commission fulfills its mandate and mission by exercising the following responsibilities:


To be an organization that exhibits fairness and impartiality, inspires trust and contributes to a climate of confidence in military policing.


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